The right way to start 2020: remove the limitations of legacy workforce software

Posted on Friday 10th January

Start 2020 the right way. Use the 5-minute professional survey below to see how legacy workforce software is holding you back and keeping you from reducing overhead, time and pointless manual work that you have wanted to remove for years. With PARiM you now can. Besides the quick wins you can get, there are serious ne...

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NEW RELEASE: One less thing to remember. Introducing single sign-on

Posted on Sunday 24th November

From today you can enjoy PARiM a bit more: we are launching an easier login experience and a better way to manage multiple PARiM environments. An easier way to log in The biggest change is that in most cases you no longer need to know your team name to log in to PARiM. Just your email and password suffice. Go to...

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Professional insight: healthcare staff management software is critical

Posted on Friday 22nd November

The chances are that you are already aware that Western societies face challenges in providing a reliable and qualified healthcare workforce. But did you know that the shortages of health workers and uniqe urban-rural distributions combine for a stunning comparison: the healthcare shortage affect Western countries...

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NEW RELEASE: 360° employee availability management on mobile and beyond with PARiM

Posted on Wednesday 20th November

The latest update to PARiM introduces 360° employee availability management. It adds easy-to-use employee availability management tools to our mobile apps to complement already present features in our web application suite. The resulting combination of features for both staff and managers offers an ability to act o...

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Quick insight: embracing employee availability motivates people to work more not less

Posted on Tuesday 12th November

For many managers, there is an underlying fear that if you allow people to choose when they want to work they will work less, with worse attendance and less focus. However, serious academic studies have repeatedly shown the opposite to be the case: the more control over their schedules you give your people the more...

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What makes for a great medical scheduling software?

Posted on Wednesday 23rd October

Well-optimised staffing and scheduling decisions are paramount to management and operations teams in larger hospitals as well as smaller day clinics, physician practices and medical staffing agencies of all sizes. For these organisations, inappropriate staffing affects facility efficiency and staff morale and can s...

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NEW RELEASE: Reimagine your Pay Runs with PARiM

Posted on Tuesday 22nd October

The latest update to PARiM, titled Clarity to highlight our focus on better and clearer HR & financial data, brings a reforged and renamed Pay Run report (previously titled the Payroll report). With it you can process your pay runs faster and without friction. The resulting data can be quickly exported to your prefer...

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NEW RELEASE: Employment types improve HR planning, classification & your operations

Posted on Tuesday 22nd October

Our newest update, named Clarity, strengthens the true foundation of your business – your HR data by introducing Employment Types. Employment Types extract instant value from HR by combining customisable employment contracts with bespoke pay schedules, working time rules and absence settings. Not only does the ...

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Employee types and classification: how to correctly classify employees in the United States

Posted on Sunday 20th October

As an entrepreneur, CEO, or human resources manager, it’s your legal duty to properly classify every member of staff on your team. However, the truth is that determining whether an employee is exempt and non-exempt under FLSA guidelines can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if they fall within particular ...

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