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& Communication
Compact Business Professional
Locations & Roles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Calendar 1 & 2-Week + Monthly + Quarterly
Scheduling Tools Basic Advanced Advanced
Shift Patterns 10 30 Unlimited
Work & Rest Time Rules 3 10 Unlimited
Custom Cancellation Reasons 1 5 Unlimited
Configurable Shift List
SMS & Email Notifications
Shift Reminders
Availability Management
Shift Application Process
Job & Project Scheduling
HR Data Management Compact Business Professional
Admin Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Employees included 250 500 Unlimited
Departments 3 10 Unlimited
People Classification 3 10 Unlimited
Configurable People List
Staff Invitation & Registration
Birthday & Work Anniversary Reminders
Qualification & Certificate Tracking
Leave management Compact Business Professional
Holiday Calendar
Custom Leave Types
3 ways holiday tracking
Time & Attendance Compact Business Professional
Timeclock Dashboard
Timeclock App
Voice & SMS Clocking
Timesheet Approvals
Timeclock Report
Configurable Clocking Radius
Timesheet Auto Approval
Payroll Compact Business Professional
Payroll Export
Pay Rules Standard Advanced Advanced
Bank Holiday Pay Rules
Overtime Calculation
Custom Pay Periods
Event Management Compact Business Professional
Event Calendar
Team View
Event Budgeting & Forecasting
Clients & Invoicing Compact Business Professional
Client Management
Invoicing Report
Charge Rules Standard Advanced Advanced
Client Access Portal
Staff requirement requests
Subcontractors Compact Business Professional
Subcontractor Management
Subcontractor Pay Rules Standard Advanced Advanced
Satement of Work
Support Compact Business Professional
Varia Compact Business Professional
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